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Trusting Your Inner Voice: A Guide to Independent Decision Making

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

In our journey through life, we often find ourselves at crossroads, making decisions that shape our future. Yet, a common hurdle many face is the heavy reliance on external opinions, overshadowing our inner voice. It's time to shift this paradigm and start valuing our own insights and desires. The Pitfall of Overvaluing Others' Opinions As humans, it's natural to seek advice and opinions from those around us. However, the issue arises when this external input becomes the deciding factor in our choices. This overreliance can lead to a life designed by others’ expectations, rather than our own aspirations. A Personal Story of Empowerment Let me share a story of a client, Emma, who faced a similar dilemma. Emma, a talented graphic designer, found herself constantly seeking approval from her peers and family. Despite having a lucrative job offer from a renowned design firm, she hesitated because her family wanted her to join the family business. Torn between her passion and her family’s expectations, Emma struggled. It was during our coaching sessions that Emma realized she was undervaluing her desires and dreams. Through reflective exercises and guided discussions, she learned to listen to her inner voice. Eventually, Emma chose the design firm, a decision that brought her immense satisfaction and growth, both personally and professionally. The Journey to Self-Trust

  1. Recognize the Noise: Understand that while opinions of others can be valuable, they should not drown out your inner voice.

  2. Reflect on Your Desires: Regularly take time to reflect on what you truly want. Journaling or meditative practices can be beneficial.

  3. Practice Decision-Making: Start with small decisions based solely on your preferences. This practice builds confidence in your judgment.

  4. Seek Constructive Feedback, Not Permission: Learn to differentiate between seeking guidance for improvement and seeking permission to act.

  5. Embrace the Learning Curve: Remember, every decision, whether right or wrong, is a stepping stone in your growth journey.

Your life is a canvas, and you hold the brush. It's essential to consider advice, but in the end, the strokes you make must resonate with your innermost desires and values. So, stop seeking permission; start exploring, “What do I want?” Remember, the journey to trusting your inner voice is not about isolation; it's about balance. It's about understanding that the most important voice in decision-making is your own.

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