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What is Executive Coaching?

Irrespective of where you are in your professional journey at ISCP we support you to achieve your professional goals. Coaching helps you in your professional journey to deepen your understanding of your own strengths, skills and also work with teams and across teams to achieve business outcomes. 

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Executive Coaching

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Benefits Of Executive Coaching

  • Objective driven : Identify your area of challenge and define your goals

  • Reflection Time : Discuss your Challenges, strengths, purpose, emotions, values & beliefs that help in achieving the objective. Re-frame beliefs, overcoming challenges and tapping into strengths  are part of the process. 

  • Action focused: Prepare an action plan to reach your defined goal.

Are you looking to:

  • Move into a Leadership role

  • Build gravitas and influence

  • Overcome fear of public speaking

  • Get ready for next role

  • Manage team dynamics

  • Improve performance

How To Pick The Right Executive Coach?

Your Executive Coach is qualified and certified Coach having earned the credentials from ICF. At ISCP we ensure - the person assigned as your coach will be an experienced and competent coach who will focus on the client’s needs and create a safe space for sharing and growing as a professional. We do not follow a cookie cutter approach instead deeply listen to your requirements and expectations and accordingly assign the right coach fit for you. 

FAQ’s on Executive Coaching

1. Is Executive Coaching only for those Executives not performing well at work?

Executive Coaching is for any individual in the organization irrespective of where they are in their career path and irrespective of organization structure. We have coached from high performers to those not performing well, from CEO level to those about a year into their professional journey. Any Executive who wishes to enhance skills, develop competencies, improve performance is welcome to our Executive Coaching Program.

2. What would Executives gain by Executive Coaching? 

By hiring an executive coach, your executives will have more clarity on their goal, be self-aware and also have an action plan to proceed forward. Be more engaged and depending on situation also ready for the next role. We work with organizations like yours that believe in investing in their people development and unleashing the potential of their people. 

3. How long is an Executive Coaching intervention?

Executive Coaching engagement is usually designed for a period of 6-8 months with one session a month but can be customized based on your requirements. 

In Executive Coaching we follow a systemic coaching approach - your impact and influence on your ecosystem, looking at your stakeholder engagement, impact today and tomorrow, influence your environment positively.

Some practical examples of Executive Coaching for our clients classified under 3 heads


Inner Work

  • Build Gravitas

  • Develop Motivation

  • Resilience, fragility and manage rejections

  • Managing Time 

  • Balance of work and life

  • Managing Change

  • Career Transition

  • Managing Anxiety/stress

  • Finding oneself


Team Work

  • Improve Performance at work 

  • Storytelling for Business Results

  • Team Management

  • Psychological safety at work/Respect At work

  • Goal Setting

  • Managing Change

  • Conflict Management

  • Improved Collaboration


Community Work

  • Networking

  • Thought leadership

  • Championing Ideas 

  • Mobilizing support

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