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ICF Credentialing Exam Support


An important and crucial step for your certification both at LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2  is taking the ICF Credentialing Exam. As Coaches who have prepared and cleared the exam we have first-hand experience of this exam. We offer post training support to you to help demystify this exam pattern. 


Here you will learn skills and strategies you need to clear the exam and advance your coaching career. We support you with methodologies to prepare, discern the right answers and succeed in the exam. 


Robust learning of competencies, ethics all from a practical and scenario based learning approach. You will explore new ground as you go through our rigorous learning approach, systematic practice and apply the practical techniques.
Develop a deeper understanding of coaching knowledge and also wisdom to apply the right approach to the right scenarios. 

A coach has been collaborating with a client, for several weeks to improve their overall well-being and focus on personal goals. As the coach begins the session with the client, the coach asks the client how their week has been and have there been any actions based on the last session. The client’s eyes light up. The client is a Formula One fan and starts talking animatedly about the race they saw last week, as they dive into a passionate recap of the most recent race.

What is your BEST and WORST response as the Coach?

A. Ask “so how does that relate to what you want to explore today?”
B. Tell the client that they are off subject and need to get back on track
C. Encourage the client to continue on sharing and wait for them to stop.
D. Acknowledge the client’s rant issue and then ask directly what the client would like to accomplish in the coaching session

Your client whom you have been coaching for over 5 sessions. You know him as being result focused. However, the company had a road show and there is talk at work around compassion at the work place. He comes to the next session with a smirk on his face and makes a remark that this is now a new idea by the CEO. Last year it was collaboration, now it’s something else. During the coaching the client says – ‘does the company now want to have people who are compassionate or productive at work.’ He adds – I have seen that people who are poor performers are being promoted just because they are kind and sweet. This is unfair he tells you. Merit is not recognized.

What is your BEST and WORST response as the Coach?

A. Life is unfair
B. How is this attitude going to help you as a senior leader
C. What about this is unfair for you?
D. You will need to change with time and company culture

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