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Leaders As Coaches

How do you develop a team that is self-reliant? We found often that we would train people at the front end with behaviour and skill development however it would not translate into sustainable change back at work. We wondered, why? Reason was - a gap between the knowing and the doing. Our work on creating Leaders as Coaches addresses that gap.

Research showed us it was because - once the team member goes back to work their managers who had not been trained on the new skills would not be supportive of this change. The manager who is often a big influence and role model was not included in this learning journey. No change can happen unless the manager also participates in the learning goal. And a big change can happen rapidly when the Manager transitions into Leading as a Coach. The Manager then defines the objectives and owns the outcome. 


Many Leaders are in their roles  by virtue of their  tenor of service and subject matter expertise in specific areas. Therefore, a  Leader is expected to be directive, a problem solver  and guide the team in all their functional activities. However now there has been a major shift in Leadership style and approach. Organizations are moving away from command, control to autonomy and collaborative approach like a coaching partner. 

The idea was not to make managers into full-time Coaches. The objective was to add Coaching as an arsenal in a Leader’s toolbox. Our Flagship program Leaders As Coaches equips Leaders with the skills to lead as a Coach. 


Our program of Leaders as Coaches
helps Leaders

The key objectives are to

  • Develop a Coaching culture

  • Better quality of conversations

  • Deeper human connections

  • Remedial to development needs: Moving away from

  • traditional feedback for improvement to meeting

  • development needs

  • Enhance the capabilities to improve team performance

  •  Deepen understanding of Manager’s roles and

  • expectations at their workplace

  •  Imbibing the organisation’s big picture into daily activities

  •  Structured framework for building core strength as  coaches, with milestones

Key Speaker

At ISCP our Leaders As Coaches program is robust and deep. It covers the following content

  • Understanding different kinds of team members and their expectations

  • Learning the significance and impact of Coaching in         daily life

  • Coaching tools & techniques 

  • Learn Coaching Skills e.g. : Listen actively, develop a         coach like presence etc. 

  • Methods, opportunities for Coaching Conversations:         Bay Coaching, Coaching-on-the go etc

  • Simulating real-time practice

  • Action learning Journal: Back at work application  measurement and tracker

  • Coach’s toolkit as a ready reckoner

Business Conference
  • Gain greater self confidence

  • Create an environment to foster and nurture talent

  • Address developmental needs and create a safe          work place

  • Learn and teach skills of the future

  • Unleash their potential and raise their own and team’s  bar of performance

  • Feel more self-motivated and enjoy stress free work

  • Productive and result driven mindset

How will your Leaders benefit from Leaders As Coaches 

Approach to co-create and deliver Leaders
As Coaches program using 4D method


Step 1 


Interviews, Story Circles etc. to collect challenges, opportunities, stories across sample participants and other stakeholders to help design relevant and practical problem-solving interventions


Step 2


Content is designed and co-created with your internal Learning team to ensure relevance and contextualising


Step 3


Using Adult Learning Principles experiential online modular content with practice and application


Step 4


Create a tracker and identify a minimum of 3 real time team members who will be coached over 3 month period with goals, milestone and action plans

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