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Becoming a confident coach with thorough knowledge, robust practice and Mentoring. 


ISCP is an ICF-accredited training institute that offers the highest standards of coaching  accreditation programs. International Coaching Federation is the largest internationally recognized accreditation body that sets the highest standards for the coaching schools and the coaches through ICF Core Competencies, ICF code of Ethics and a rigorous assessment process for us – your Coaching school and the coaches.


Program information

The ISCP Coaching model has been built around one’s own personal values and how they influence one in different aspects of one’s life. At different stages whether it is one’s education, career, finances or family and health one is rationally and emotionally committed and having a focused approach helps one to achieve one’s desires and goals.


Who should attend

If you are in HR or a Business Leader or wanting to transition into a new career we acknowledge your courage and are here to support your decision

Total Training Hours

76 ICF Training hours

Estimated Time

4 months


Experiential and flexible – offer online training sessions and you can join in wherever you are, and participate in engaging discussions and practice. 

Early bird discount if you apply 15 days before the program schedule date

Level 1

Level 1 Programme Runs for 4 Months and Includes 3 Main Components 


ICF Accredited Training

With 76 hours of experiential training (16 sessions overall) –Mentoring 10 hours, Assessment - 2 hours, Self Study - 4 hours  & Training of 60 hours.  your time is of essence and we ensure that your time is well invested.

Run by experienced coaching faculty, live sessions, are where you come together with your cohort to learn concepts, coaching skills, peer practice, Trainer observation and feedback.


Mentor Coaching

This includes the 10 hours of Mentor Coaching required for the ICF credential.

The coaching sessions are observed by our experienced faculty, who will provide verbal and written feedback.



Mid-course review that includes synopsis and reflections. Final review that includes 2 call submission, evaluation and approval by Mentor Coach besides sharing learning and reflections. 

Course Structure

Part 1 will cover

  • Understand Coaching

  • ICF Coaching Competencies

  • Coaching Skills: Listening, Questioning, Language

  • Coaching skill Practice

  • Business Coaching

  • Building Coaching Practice

  • ICF Coaching certification process

Part 2 will focus on Practice Webinar Certification

  • Certification will be issued by ISCP Pte Ltd. Singapore

  • ISCP’s Coach II Lead program is approved by ICF

The above makes you a ISCP Trained Coach.  

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Post Certification Benefits

  • Course Completion with 100 hours of Coaching will make you eligible to apply for ACC  Certification with ICF.

  • Post certification, the candidate is eligible to apply for membership with ICF and ISCP

You are a ACC credentialed ICF coach when you apply for ICF membership and clear the ICF credentialing exam.

Level 1 ACC program with ISCP will make you a Coach who will

  • Be competent and confident in using coaching skills during coaching conversations

  • Deepen awareness of self and take accountability of life’s journey

  • Gain tools and techniques to help others overcome challenges and be an enabler

  • Find your purpose in life – to support others, be a catalyst for change and a lifelong learner

  • Contribute to making the world a better place by touching one life at a time

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