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Wellness Coaching

Helps improve physical, emotional and mental betterment of your life. 

Wellness is defined by NASM  as “an individual’s personal journey toward the mental, physical, social, and emotional betterment of life. What does that really mean - it’s not only someone’s healthy behaviours or habits, but the process of making ongoing and informed choices which in turn make that person’s life better, healthier, more connected, and emotionally satisfying. 

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Need for a Wellness Coach

We work both with individuals and corporates offering interventions that ensures deep change that helps you find value within your life and environment. As your Wellness Coach we focus on specific areas that may be most relevant to your situation such as sleep, nutrition, health and also emotions, stress management, resilience and anti-fragility mindset. This also includes self-care and self-compassion.  


What can a Wellness Coach do?

At ISCP as your Wellness Coach, we co-create action plans, brainstorm solutions, and troubleshoot potential obstacles to the clients’ long-term success. Though as your coach we are your thinking partners - the accountability  is with the client to decide what works for them and take action. As coaches we are masters of the process while our clients are the masters of their progress. Change is challenging for most people. Most people know what to do, the challenge is to imbibe and internalize new healthy behaviours into a habit that drives new positive outcomes that are lasting. 

As your coach we offer unconditional positive regard, the judgment-free position of supporting our client to make lasting changes that work for them. Wellness coaches are trained not only in coaching but also have acquired information on lifestyle practices related to wellness. This is a unique combination of physiological understanding with psychological tools that support the betterment of one’s life.

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Benefits of having an ISCP Wellness Coach

Wellness coach ensures cascading benefits in different areas of life

As your Wellness coach you will experience a domino effect positive change. Where a positive change in one area of life cascades a positive change in other areas. Like a systemic approach it impacts the immediate and extended ecosystem. This change is immediate and also for the future thus ensuring it is not just a change but a lifestyle transformation. This includes positive behaviour changes that are aligned to your values and purpose.

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