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The 5 Passion Theory: To Drive Success

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Success, as one imagines, is an outcome of painstaking effort, hard choices, arduous toil and sacrifices. And sometimes, coming at a time when one has no life spirit or energy to enjoy the Success. This perspective is true if we believe that work is pressure not pleasure.

How does one make work a pleasure?

In Corporate life or as a Business owner or in your Personal life, what transforms work into pleasure is Passion!

1. Passion To Win: By conditioning ourselves to believe in Winning – With No Excuses. Here the win we are referring to, is not the destructive or disempowering win - by trampling on people or taking shortcuts. It is a win over ourselves - challenging our limitations, setting new milestones, celebrating each other’s success and constantly learning.

At Tvameva, we constantly look to break the glass ceiling, attempting new training approaches, goading ourselves to explore segments that are new to us. This means we have to work harder, learn new tasks, set new goals and research deeper to earn the client’s trust.

This raises our own bar and creates a surge to win.

2. Passion To Balance: As the Management Style Inventory Assessment states, the preferred quadrant for Leaders to be in is the ‘Team Builder quadrant’. This is the one that balances between Task and People. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  • Be Task driven: Develop a Passion to deliver the desired results and only the highest quality of outcome.

  • Be People Driven: As a colleague, learn to acknowledge effort, share credit and generously compliment.

At Tvameva, we ensure sharing and learning is a way of life. It is all about passion for the work that one does and Compassion for the people that one works with.

This creates a surge of energy when we nurture a supportive and collaborative environment.

3. Passion To Network: Networking is about relationship building - display passion and interest in knowing about others. Go down the Iceberg to know the 9/10th of the person over and above what is evident, by asking and listening. Reconnect with all your old connects, stay connected with your new connects. Share what is interesting and important to the other person.

At Tvameva, we build bridges to connect with our existing clients, potential clients and clients on our wish list through regular updates. By way of Client Engagement Activities we create a platform to interact with our clients – existing and potential so that we can learn what the business needs are and how we can prepare ourselves to address them.

Engaging conversations and building deep bonds of friendship creates a surge of positive energy.

4. Passion To Explore: Having an insatiable hunger to learn and strive for competency helps in learning new skills, new approaches and new ways to do new things. Questions to ask ourselves constantly:

  • Can we do this in another way?

  • Can we do this faster/better/smarter?

  • If we do it this way, what would the outcome look like?

  • What would our client be happy to see?

This ensures we look to reinvent, re-engineer and create new architecture all the time.

At Tvameva, we custom design programs for our clients - every program is delivered after intense research to identify issues, challenges and expectations. This is then stitched together to create a powerful unique training program each time, a program that is relatable and relevant to the target audience.

We experience a surge of energy and embrace change by being proactive

5. Passion for Happiness: This is a sum total of everyday activities that we do with commitment, ownership and a smile on our face, thus delivering value for all Stakeholders - Clients, Team Members and Self. This has had a ripple effect in creating a positive word of mouth from our participants and generated incremental business opportunities.

At Tvameva, we aim to have Happy clients by ensuring our participants apply the learning back at their work place and create positive change in metrics and productivity indicators. We do this by guiding and supporting our participants till they are confident to make the transformation. We make their challenges our own and ensure that we address them from the root.

Creating value for others and for self creates a surge of energy and raises our happiness quotient.

It is the shared passion for training, making an improvement in people’s lives that makes us wake up each day excitedly with renewed vigor to achieve our mission. Our team members are driven by the same passion to partake in this journey as though it were their company.

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