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Who should attend

If you have already achieved your Level 1 ACC you are eligible for Level 2. You could be : An Executive and Professional with corporate experience looking to up-grade your current capabilities to apply in your current work and life. An Entrepreneurs and start-up founder who plans to branch out on your own using coaching as their business objective. A Manager who could use coach training at your workplace to change the quality of conversations at work. 

Total Training Hours

125 ICF Training hours

Estimated Time

6 months


Experiential and flexible – offer online training sessions and you can join in wherever you are, and participate in engaging discussions and practice. 

Early bird discount if you apply 15 days before the program schedule date

PCC (Soon to be Launched)


Program information

The ISCP Coaching model has been built around one’s own personal values and how they influence one in different aspects of one’s life. At different stages whether it is one’s education, career, finances or family and health one is rationally and emotionally committed and having a focused approach helps one to achieve one’s desires and goals.

Level 2 programme runs for 6 months and includes 3 main components:


ICF Accredited Training

With 125 hours of  experiential training. Live sessions, run by our experienced coaching faculty, where you interact with your cohort to gain deeper understanding of key concepts, learn new coaching tools, practice coaching skills and get constructive feedback that helps improvement.


Mentor Coaching

10 hours of individual and group mentor coaching as per ICF Guidelines – peer and observed virtual coaching in small groups.

TThe coaching sessions are monitored by our certified Mentor faculty, who will provide exhaustive feedback.


Assessment & Evaluation

Mid-course review that includes synopsis and reflections. At the end of the programme, you are required to submit a recording to pass the standard of coaching at a PCC level. You will also submit 2 written assignments. 

Course Structure

Module 1

  • Introduction to Advance Coaching Framework

Module 2

  • Neuroscience and Brain Work in Coaching

Module 4

  • Corporate & Business Coaching

Module 3

  • Coaching Tools & Theories

The above makes you a ISCP Trained Coach.  

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Post Certification Benefits

  • Course Completion with 500 hours of Coaching will make you eligible to apply for PCC  Certification with ICF.

  • Post certification with ISCP and your 500 hours you are eligible to apply for credentialing with ICF. You are a PCC-credentialed ICF coach when you clear the ICF credentialing exam. 

You are a PCC credentialed ICF coach when you apply for ICF membership and clear the ICF credentialing exam.

You will be a more competent coach after Level 2

  • A transformation and Breakthrough coach who drives deep and long lasting change in clients

  • Use the neuroscience tools for deep brain work with the client

  • Engage with clients across cultures and diverse groups

  • Confident of working as an Executive, Business and Life Coach

  • Identify your niche as a coach

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